Nothing is better than spending your quality time on a clean and professional-looking course that matches every content it has. That is why here at Learnworks, you will find the best course layout where you can get a unified look and feel between the courses and what’s inside it. We do this with the help of the User Interface Templates. So, when people visit our courses, they will exactly know that everything on our pages is a fraction of our domain.

So how does Learnworks achieve this?

  1. Color Scheme

This aspect of our courses is one of the key ingredients in how we achieve that unified look. All of our courses have the same color scheme. So, you will see a matching accent and hues on the borders, the fonts, and even on the pictures that we attach to it. Sticking to the same shades of colors work very well in maintaining the uniformity.

  1. Font

Aside from the color scheme, we also made sure that the fonts used in our courses are uniformed. We stick with one to two fonts to ensure that we achieve a unified layout on every page of the courses and its contents. Everything inside our courses is readable and perfectly good for the eyes to stare at in a long time.

The two elements mentioned above make our courses layout look clean and professional. Everything from the menu bar, banners, logo, and courses is well-designed by experts to give you a seamless experience. So, if we change the layout, we make sure to also change the look of every course.

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