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It was built by trainers for trainers. Fully integrated, no external tools are needed. Import your PowerPoint files as a quick-start, use layout templates for a uniform Look-and-Feel with your design. Comment in the courses, record videos with your browser. Bookmark pages. Full text-search over and in courses. Enroll large groups of users and assign groups of courses with minimal maintenance. Apply self-registration for groups of users and many more features.

Record video and sound

Record video and sound

Make your video and sound recordings directly in the browser. Then, see and share the results in seconds.


Not always you have large courses. Maybe you have some small processes to explain. For this, we have build instructions. Smaller pieces of knowledge, also visually different from courses, and you can offer both instructions and courses.

layout templates

Layout Templates

When you build courses, make sure they all have the same structure: the same number of chapters and the same types of pages in each chapter. This works as a guide¬line for your content builders and makes it more predictable and professional for the users.

Uniform look-and-feel

With the innovative template system, all courses have the same look and feel. Again, it looks more professional, and if you need to change your design: change it in one place, and all the courses and instructions will have the new format.

uniform look and feel
fine grained rights model

Fine-grained rights model

Use accounts and plans to manage large groups or clients and students with minimal administrative work. Allow some clients to self-register. Define rights per plan and add rights to specific users, for example, for a content writer in a plan.


As a manager, you want to see the progress of your new employees. With these dynamic graphs, you see scores, usage, and progress per group of students or for an individual student.

quizzes and certificates

Quizzes and Certificates

Build quizzes with images, videos, and multiple-choice questions. Use the same editor as for the content, so you have all features and the familiar editor.

A comprehensive solution for all your needs

Whether you need to train your employees or need to explain your new products or services to your clients: our secure platform and services will help you.

comprehensive solution