Emphasizing the Features of Product About Reducing the Cost: Onboarding Goes Faster

Training employees is a critical way to make sure that we keep only the best, most skilled, and most passionate ones on board. However, this can cost a lot of money, especially if the training is done traditionally by going to a physical training school. One of Learnworks most beneficial features is to help you reduce your cost in the onboarding process. Our cost-effective training solution will help you cut back a considerable portion of your budget for employee training in the most efficient way. Please find out how you can make onboarding go way faster through our eLearning platform.

  1. Minimize and Fully Eradicate Travel Fees

Online technology will take you to a virtual classroom with everything you need to learn without paying a travel fee. This type of system will allow your employees to train at their respective homes or inside your company and learn remotely. This will help them get around the work quickly compared to attending face-to-face training. Onboarding employees online helps get rid of the vast travel cost and reduces the overall cost of onboarding.

  1. Distribute Digital Learning Materials and Content Faster and With Lower Cost

Our cost-efficient learning materials will be delivered and distributed faster in an online mode. This means you do not have to pay for these contents to be provided through courier services or print them out. This is a great help to reduce paper costs and shipping costs. They are also a lot more affordable to reproduce among employees through their mobile connections.

  1. Let Employees Learn at Their Own Pace

Onboarding is not only made faster, but it is also done a lot more efficiently. It’s because our feature allows your employees to learn at their own pace without the burden of absorbing a pile of information for a concise amount of time. This learning type is undoubtedly beneficial to the company’s future since this is aligned with the reasonable onboarding timeline.

  1. Cut Off Cost by Reducing Paid Trainers

Onboarding is made faster with Learnworks because you do not have to hire paid trainers to train your employees. Finding professional trainers will also cost you extra time before you can begin the onboarding process. With our digital trainers and mobile learning materials, your employees can gain better information without sacrificing the enormous amount of cost that the company will pay. Our learning and teaching system is also done professionally, so you do not have to worry about anything regarding training quality.

  1. Get Rid of Unnecessary Training Engagement

One way to increase the cost of training in the physical setting is the unnecessary contacts and missions to bring employees to a real-life workplace. With Learnworks, your employees do not have to do any of these. We get them on board faster without having to compromise productivity and learning efficiency.

Maximizing success in the onboarding process of your new employees is also on top of our priorities. Our eLearning program helps you achieve this goal faster and cost-effectively without compromising the quality of their training. With Learnworks, your employees’ journey on getting highly skilled is on the right path.

How Our Ways of Reducing Cost and Efficient Problem-Solving Skills Can Benefit Customers in the Long Run

Leanrworks is an e-learning platform that operates based on cost-effective features and functionalities to benefit the consumers. Technology has made this possible for companies and their employees when it comes to onboarding training. Our cost-efficient problem solutions enormously benefit customers in the long run, even after the training is done. In this blog, we will talk about how Learn works can help your business achieve long-term advantages.

Improved productivity
Having cost-effective online training can surely help boost employees’ productivity due to the efficient nature of our platform. Employees do not have to think about extra fees to get their hands on outstanding training and problem solutions provided by Leanrworks. With an increase in the employees’ productivity, the company will surely benefit from it in the long run. Employees will gain their needed information and develop their skills applicable in their actual work performance later on.

The course can be followed purely online
Since the nature of the training is online and we have an online instructor, customers will not be required to attend face-to-face training. The course can be followed purely online, and employees can do this at their convenience, anytime and anywhere. This can benefit the employees and can indeed be a massive advantage for the company since they do not have to pay for the employees’ travel and accommodation fees. This mode of learning is applied to every single course Learnworks offers.

Reduces the business’s environmental impact
Since companies and businesses do not have to print out learning materials for their employees, their environmental impact will significantly be reduced. Paper waste would not be a huge problem anymore for these companies. [rml_read_more] Every year, tons of papers go to the bin after they are not considered a necessity anymore, which poses a risk to the environment. So, switching to online learning is already a bold move that can positively affect the company’s cost and the state of the planet.

Ensures consistency and standardization for employees
Learnworks has a feature that gives a progress report for the performance of each employee. This helps boost their productivity to be consistent in the progress that they are making in training. This also helps assure the company that our courses will help maintain high-quality training for our learners. The standard of our training goes beyond what a company needs to help produce star employees.

Improves employees’ morale
Our platform offers a flexible learning environment and lifestyle for individual employees. This type of training solution gives the employees the kind of training that best suits their lifestyle, which will improve their morale in the workplace.

Our cost-effective training solution provides high-quality results for employees and companies. There are no compromises with the quality of our service and lessons even with a budget-friendly training price. If you are interested in working with us, feel free to contact us through our website.

Efficient Ways to Reduce Cost and Solve Problems for Customers

Learnworks is a growing community that attracts more potential customers with our cost-efficient learning solutions. We understand fully that the cost of training employees before deploying them into the actual work can be high. Companies feel the need to upscale their training qualities, and charts show that eLearning platforms are one of the most cost-efficient ways to do so. Here, we discuss how Learnworks makes this possible in the online world.

1. Say goodbye to accommodation and travel fees.

Traditional training schools force some employees to pay for accommodation and travel, especially those who live far from the training area. Most of the time, the company is the one responsible for paying for all of these things. That is why training can be daunting for a business. But with Learnworks, you can do your lessons entirely at home with the help of your internet-capable devices. No more hassle, fees, and traffic to face just for the sake of attending the training. We also explain the platform’s rules and regulations in an online discussion forum so no one would be required to travel for the meeting.

2. No more printing material cost

Learnworks helps businesses in saving money from the high cost of printing learning materials. Our platform already provides ready-to-read training lesson materials and informational lesson videos. We also offer internal training programs, which means that you do not have to hire external high-paid trainers to do the job.

3. Cost-efficient solutions for customers problems

If you are struggling to find the best candidate for your business, then our platform’s system is here to help you test your candidates in the most objective way possible. We also allow your employees to interact with online guests to learn from the success story of the guests and apply it in their career journey. Learnworks also provides an analytics overview of new employees’ performance automatically without paying an extra amount.

4. Cost-efficient features for learners

Learnworks offers neat, professional, and helpful software features for learners. We have a different set of courses to choose from, and each course has learning materials that are easy to access. After every lesson, Learnworks also provides quizzes for learners and gives a certificate to recognize finishing the course. This is a productive training solution for every employee who desires to upskill in the most efficient way possible.

Although the platform provides a low-cost training program, we make sure that our service and training quality is high enough. We believe that the long-term cost of our platform can help businesses and companies in achieving high-potential growth. If you are interested in working and training with us, please enroll yourself or your employees on our website.

Learn the Most out of Cost Management in Your Free Time With Learnworks

The business world is filled with increasing competition. That is why it is important that you have an idea and deep understanding of all the areas of running a business including cost management. Cost management is the process or method of controlling and planning the possible budget of the business or a company. It is one of the best methods that a business owner can use in order to properly manage the expenses and avoid overspending beyond the budget. Learnworks is a good training ground that can help you boost your knowledge with regard to cost management.

Course Overview:

This course teaches how to describe, set up, and use the Cost Management feature or system in Oracle eBS R12. Learnworks will also provide you with valuable information about the essential parts and processes of Cost Management. In this course, you will also be exposed to a hands-on process on how to set up Cost Management relations and the Inventory Organizations. All the important areas of cost management are covered in this course and you surely will expect a good learning outcome at the end of all modules.

This digital learning course provides so much advanced knowledge and advantage to the learners, especially that they can access this remotely. We ensure that you will gain the necessary knowledge to help widen your understanding of cost management. We understand that cost management is key to help you make the right decisions when it comes to using the budget of your business.

Expected Learning Outcomes:

Below are the learning outcomes that you will be expected to acquire at the end of the course:

● Learn how to manage cost effectively.
● Learn how to effectively utilize your business resources.
● Learn how to measure the performance of your business when it comes to budget.

Do you want to stand out from the rest of your competitors? Now you know that learning cost management is one of the keys to reach this goal. This cost management training is a must to learn to make sure that you and your employees are able to make critical decisions that produce efficient results when it comes to the business’s budget. If you want to know more about this, do not hesitate to contact us through our website, learnworks.com.

Exploration of Learning Behaviors

Each student has different learning styles and behaviors that govern their learning process. It is significant to be able to understand these behaviors so that you can give them the appropriate teaching style that best works for them. These learning behaviors can also help you understand how to establish a certain form of learning method that suits well with their memory processing and ability to retain information from the things they acquire. Here, you will get an idea of the most common learning behaviors that are possessed by students.

Different Learning Behaviors

  1. Demonstrates Interpersonal Skills

Learners who belong in this category are socially active. They love to collaborate in a team and present their ideas with them. They also are motivated to contribute work and opinion in their learning space. Interacting digitally is also a thing that ignites their motivation to learn new things.

  1. Demonstrates Perseverance

Learners with this learning behavior show no fear in overcoming challenges and extracting difficult information. They try to create new strategies that will enable them to acquire information and knowledge much efficiently. These types of learners love to ask questions, solve problems, and hear feedback from their works.

  1. Demonstrate Initiative

Students who possess this learning behavior always love to seek ways on how to improve their work. They also are into technology when it comes to demonstrating what they have learned. Learners with this behavior also take and select academic risks and appropriate tools that they think are best for them.

  1. Demonstrate Collaboration

Learners with this behavior are collaborative in nature. They work well with different types of learning environments. The good thing about learners with this behavior is that they are willing to accept the ideas of others even if they have their own. They share responsibility and are much willing to compromise.

Memory Functioning and Learning

Learning and memory are two inseparable functions of the human brain. Learning is the way of acquiring knowledge and memory is a way to express what one has learned. Here are ways on how a student can learn and how they can improve their memory functioning. Take note of these helpful strategies as this can significantly improve a learner’s performance. These ways are also beneficial in reinforcing knowledge to students in a way that’s easy for them to understand and remember in the long term.

  1. Make sure to present information using multiple formats. This would surely benefit all students as they have different learning styles and behavior. The lessons can be presented through a video presentation, a pdf to read, a concept map of the summary of the lesson, etc.
  2. Encourage learners to use various memory strategies. Once they have explored all of the available learning styles and behaviors, they would surely arrive at the one that would work best for them.
  3. Be sure to recognize that they have different paces of learning and technological proficiency.
  4. Create shorter but easy-to-understand content. Make sure that the lessons you present provide all of the most important information that they need to know. You can present this in a concept map as it can be much easier to digest and memorize. Having a short presentation will keep them more engaged in the discussion and they will easily remember it.

It is not effective to settle only with one teaching method as students have different learning styles and behavior. As an e-Learning platform, dealing with learning psychology must be a priority to best deliver your goals and objectives in the community.

Improve Learners Engagement with these Effective tips

It is not enough to send a boat to the sea It is also important to keep it afloat so it can successfully cross through the horizon. This concept also applies to the world of eLearning. Learners’ engagement is a key to achieving high-quality learning outcomes. Keeping the learners’ attention and investment of time is truly a challenge that lies in the hand of the eLearning professionals. In this blog, you will grasp helpful tips on how to improve learner’s engagement in the best way possible.

1. The site’s overall design must be visually appealing

Content should and will always be the main focus of eLearning companies. However, the design of the website or the online training classroom must not be a reason for the learners to become bored and uninterested in the training. So, throw excellent and visually appealing designs to help increase engagement. A clean, minimalistic, and simple visuals are the way to go. It is also a plus to hire a professional graphic designer to do this task smoothly.

2. Provide high-quality videos and learning materials

As an eLearning platform, learners rely on the digital materials that are presented to them. That is why it is equally important to provide them with high-quality visuals, learning materials, and videos. However, it is not enough to make visually appealing edits on the videos. It is also a must to invest time and effort in crafting a meaningful learning tool that the learners will love to watch and engage with. These videos must have a sharp quality, they must also be well-scripted, and should present the topics in an entertaining manner to combat the learners’ short attention spans.

3. Keep the lessons short but meaningful

According to a study conducted by the Microsoft team, the average attention span of an individual was 12 seconds. However, after 15 years, this number decreased to 8 seconds. This is one of the biggest challenges that schools and online training platforms face in a virtual setting.

To get past this barrier, it is suggested that you maintain to provide short but meaningful lessons to the learners. A 5-minute video lesson is a good example. If the entire chapter of a lesson is too long, you can break it down into smaller but knowledge-full pieces that are enough for them to digest.

4. Instill the value of the online training to the learners

This tip is the primary work of the company that handles the employees. If the learners are not aware of the importance of what they are doing in the training, then there is no way to help boost their engagement and productivity. Make sure that you open their minds to a perspective that this training is valuable to them and that this is a modern opportunity that can help them achieve more milestones in their career.

5. Add online training rewards

One of the best ways to increase one’s intrinsic motivation is through positive reinforcements. In the online world, you can do this by providing awards and virtual badges so that the learners can keep track of their success. This is also helpful in helping them become more engaged in what they do and in how they learn. You can give them some things like points, badges, and other rewards to unlock. Leader boards can also help boost engagement and boost their competitive spirits to learn something new.

These exceptional tips are perfect to keep learners stay on track. Creating an engaging and meaningful learning space is a must to help them successfully grow in the platform. However, there are still a lot of ways that can keep them on the site for a longer time based on their individual needs. So, companies or employers must conduct a survey first to determine the needs of each trainee. This survey will be helpful in discovering and unpacking more about their interests so that you can find the best online training strategy that is most compatible with them.

Compensation and Benefits Course

Compensation and Benefits Course: A Game-changer Course for Human Resource Management

Do you want to boost up your knowledge about Compensation and Benefits? A lot of businesses and large companies today are now seeing the value of these two things and are wanting to improve the strategy of their HR department in dealing with this stuff. This course is also perfectly helpful for the small business owners who want to improve their way of working with compensation and benefits the same way large companies do without being able to hire multiple employees to do the job.

What are Compensation and Benefits?

Compensation and Benefits generally refer to the set of benefits that a company, business, or organization provides to their employees in exchange for their work and effort in the job. This is a core area of Human Resource Management. Compensation and benefits have a very important role in the success of a business. Since there are people who work for you, you also need to give value to the effort that they put off. Once the employees are given enough compensation and benefits, a list of advantages will surely fall into your hands. Here are some of those:

You will attract highly skilled and diverse employees into the company.
You will keep your most outstanding employees, especially that they feel well-take care of by the company.

This can also help reduce cost. Sounds contradictory, right? Although giving compensation and benefits can still cost money, this set of the budget is lower than constantly giving paid training to new employees. By settling on a beneficial path for your employees, you surely will keep talented individuals on the board.

This will also make your business stay competitive against your competitors. The higher a company’s compensation and benefits are, the bigger the chance that it will stay above anyone else in the same industry. This then will show you more long-term benefits and results.

That is why it is not enough to just think about the profit all the time. Your team should feel accepted, cared for, and well supported in their job. Giving them compensation and benefits are surely two of the best methods that your company can start practicing now.

What Constitutes Learnworks’ Compensation and Benefits Course?

Now that you have scanned the advantages of giving compensation and benefits to your employees, it is now time to take a look at what Learnworks can offer to help you become an expert in this subject. Here are a few of the topics that you will learn when you enroll in this course:

Target Balance
Bank Accounts
Oracle HRMS Model
Defining Elements
Deleting an Element
Defining Limits on Entry Values
Goods and Services
Compensation Objects
Eligibility Overview

Expected Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the course, you are expected to learn the following things:
* Grasp the meanings of compensation and benefits
* Understand that compensation and benefits are important in running a company
* Find out the best strategies that are best to use regarding compensation and benefits
* Learn how to manage programs and activities in Human Resource Management

Do you find value in enrolling yourself in this course? Well, do not hesitate to sign up and enroll in Learnworks. Your success and your goals matter to us.

Cash Management: An Essential Corporate Course for Effective Treasury

Learnworks offer a variety of courses that serve as a gateway towards the improvement of your career. As a beginner, we understand that you need all the vital information in reaching your desired level of mastery in the fieldwork. One of the many helpful courses that you can find in this eLearning platform is Cash Management. Take a look at the course’s brief description down below and see if this course is the right choice for you.

As the name says, the Cash Management course deals with teaching you the right ways on how to look, manage, and treasure the business’ money. It also provides helpful information on how to make sure that the company pays well enough and lessons that can give you the right steps to take when it comes to investment. If you are in the field of treasury, then this course might be necessary for you as this provides high-level insight into the context of cash management and some strategies relating to this subject.

Is This the Right Course for You?
Are you contemplating whether to take this course or just push it off the list? Well, here we provide you with some important factors to consider in making a decision that can potentially change the run of your career.
The Cash Management course is best for those:
● Who is working in the field of treasury and finance in the corporate world,
● Who are trying to expand their knowledge in the early phases of their corporate job and who wants to know extra things relating to the treasury,

So, how does the Cash Management course work in Learnworks?


Learnwork’s Cash Management course will teach you helpful methods on how to set up, work on, and use the Cash Management system in Oracle eBS r12. This course will also give you valuable lessons in the aspect of Cash Forecasting and Cash Positioning. We also provide Payment Templates to work on and also Balance Gapping. Learnwork’s Cash Management course also offers topics such as Target Balance, Create a Bank, Matching for Payroll, Bank Accounts, Cash Flows, etc. that are all necessary when working in the corporate world.

The Cash Management course is available in the forms of:
● e-Learning
● a training led by an instructor
● a book
● and a combination of the 3 options

What learning outcomes can you expect?
At the end of the lessons, you are expected to get detailed and proper lessons about the cash cycle, gain some helpful techniques relating to payment, investment, making a bank statement, and banking collection. Of course, investing in a course like this involves money and effort. That is why Learnworks make sure that you are not putting all these things to waste, but rather you are getting a very valuable set of learning outcomes from this Cash Management course.

marketing content

How to Create an Internal Content Strategy for Employee Scaling

It is an optimal goal for every business, company, or organization to produce highly productive employees for the benefit of their entire team. In the digital age, content creation plays a vital role as a strategic process that can help a company or a brand reach its highest potential against a sea of competitors. The core function of content creation is to make intentional visuals in the form of text, video, or photos directly aligned to the organization’s core goal and audience’s needs. Content creation requires a creative and diligent approach to produce a desirable outcome. Content creation also includes articles and other entertainment types that contain information to meet specific goals or objectives to gain the attention of potential customers or the company’s target market.

online content creation

What is All Covering Under Content Creation?

Content creation is a vital part of a company’s strategy in achieving a rewarding result. Creating content will surely help your organization to produce a marketing strategy that has a high impact on the audience that the content reaches. Content creation also encompasses a wide range of highly essential coverage for promoting the company or a brand. It almost has an advertising element that can help encourage someone to believe in the content’s message.

So, what are all covering under content creation? Content creation covers every valuable piece of information from a brand or company in the form of visual art. It ranges from videos, posters, recordings, articles, and even online training platform materials. For example, if you want to encourage your employees to be more motivated to enroll in an e-learning platform. It would be a great strategy to create content that conveys how valuable online training is to develop their highest potential at work. You can make content about online course platforms, the best online learning platforms, and other online pieces of training-related topics that are visually entertaining.

What is Internal Content Distribution?

Investing in content creation requires a valuable amount of time, energy, and sometimes budget. You cannot easily reach a large audience overnight. That is why you need to learn some tips or strategies to increase your target market engagement. Have you encountered the term internal distribution as an aspect of content creation? Well, if not, then let us unpack what it is and how it can significantly benefit the rate of reach your content can get.

Content distribution is a type of process that you can do to ensure that the content makes it to the door of your target audience. It is difficult to stand out in the overly saturated internet no matter how excellent your work’s quality is. Here are some helpful ideas on how you can effectively expose your great content and the best form of internal distribution to help you stand out from the crowd.

Paid Content Distribution
This type of content distribution involves a bit of your budget to pay for increased engagement and reach. There are hundreds of available platforms that enable content creators to share their works faster, even with minimal effort. You can pay social media platforms to advertise your content or partner with Google Ads and services to broaden your reach.

Owned Content Distribution
This type of strategy does not necessarily require you to drop some payment, but this is one of those strategies that require your maximum effort. Your website, social media accounts, and blog will be your best buddy in this form of content distribution. You can post your content on the said platform, and they will reach those who follow you on those accounts.

What is the Impact of Engagement Through Internal Content?

Internal content distribution always has a significant impact on your employees’ engagement and how they will feel about its objectives and goals. Once they start to feel more engaged and more involved as part of a growing team, their motivation to work and learn harder would boost significantly. They will indeed feel more valued not just as an employee but also as people who are part of a passionate and dedicated community. When they reach this level of engagement and trust in the organization, they will surely not hesitate to unleash their best potential and give their best service for the business’s success.

online e learning content

Wanting your employees to be more engaged also means earning their most treasured trust. The boat won’t stay afloat once the person on the other side fails to believe in the sailor in times of storms. Creating valuable content is very helpful and vital to gain the trust of your company’s best assets, your employees. Content creation plays a massive role in shaping their mindset to align with their objectives and help them feel more fulfilled and intentional with their jobs.

The internal content distribution provides the bridge that fills in the lack of engagement within an organization or a team. Communication through content creation or visual art is a critical driver in leading the company and your employees to a more synchronized and holistic workplace.

Problems Faced by Companies in Overall Content Strategy

Here is a list of problems that companies faced in overall content strategy. Remember that these challenges could negatively affect the company’s engagement rate when they are not giving attention.

● Difficulty in determining content marketing strategies ROI
● Trying to determine how to stand out in an ocean of excellent content.
● Proving the company’s credibility against thousands of competitors
● Having a limited budget, especially in paid content distribution strategy
● We are maintaining the voice of the brand and the image of the company through content creation.

These are everyday bumps that a company can encounter along the way in building a content strategy. Most of these are even inevitable. However, it’s not the end of the world for those who are dedicated to climbing the ladder that leads to success. In part, find out how Learnworks can help you develop a strong strategy in getting your content out there.

How can Learnworks Help in Defining the Strategy?

strategy e learning

With our dedicated team and effective training materials, we help companies and employees determine the best strategies for content creation. The company came up with courses that will teach employees valuable lessons that help develop their critical thinking skills. This skill then is the key to helping your company unleash the most attainable and working techniques to get the content on the target market’s door.

In the next blog, learn more about the following :

How to Troubleshoot Common Technical Issues
How To Improve Online Training ROI?
5 Ways on How Your Business Can Reach Fast Success with Learnworks
A Door of Success for Companies and Self Employed Individuals

Effective Big Data Management Techniques in e-learning Programs

There seems to be widespread usage of big data in the world of e-Learning. This is due to its countless benefits to the platforms and to their learners as well. Big data pointers are revolutionizing how e-Learning companies are analyzing their users to determine the next great steps that they are going to take to better improve their learning experience. Best e learning courses and best online training sites are products of well-performed strategies in big data management. In this blog, we provide you with all the helpful tips on how to organize, manage, and utilize your big data to perfect your online training strategy.

  1. Establish a good way to find your best data resources

This is a quest that a lot of e-Learning industries face in the beginning stages. It would be a good idea to not settle on a narrow path in finding the right sources but rather you should expand your scope and just grasp as much data as you could find.

You can search for data resources such as website statistics, certificate online course, course analysis, social media polls, and other eLearning management analytics. Collect and collect before you select what’s best for your online training strategy.

  1. Take note of current e-learning patterns and trends

There are a couple of e-Learning trends and patterns that emerge over time. After you have collected and analyzed your big data sources, it is a guarantee that you can start to see trends and patterns that can potentially address your objectives as an e-Learning platform. This is a great way to analyze whether your strategies are working for your learners or not. That is why it is important to see a trend or pattern within your big data so you can begin to take action on some areas that need improvement.

  1. Write down a list of big data priorities

There is a whole wide world of big data out there. That is why it is important that you have a list of all your big data priorities so you won’t get lost in the process of collecting and organizing what really matters. This can also help you save a lot of time and in focusing on one issue much efficiently.

Once you have collected enough data resources, your priority list will be your best guide in whittling them down. This is the stage where you can identify which data are more valuable compared to the others. Having a list of priorities can also guide you in identifying what problems you should fix next to help the users achieve the highest benefits that your e-learning course can offer.

  1. Keep big data protected


Think of these big data as a treasure that needs to be handled with care. This is why you need to keep them locked at all times to ensure that all the information is secured well enough. Do not risk this valuable asset because they contain your platform’s and the learner’s important information. Maintain a strong online security measure to prevent these big data from leaking and to avoid future privacy problems.

You can apply all of these helpful tips no matter which niche of the e-Learning industry you belong to. Once you incorporate these big data organization and analysis ideas, you can surely begin to find the best bridge that can fill the gaps that leads toward a more efficient training space for your users and become the best business online training site.