Gebruik de online builder om Instructies en Cursussen te maken. Gebruik standaard Templates en de krachtige content wizards.

En heb je Powerpoints? Importeer ze gewoon.


Combine Headlines with existing Instructions. Example:

  • Headline: “Skype is offline in Oslo-Office next Monday”
  • Instructions: “What to do if Skype is not working” and “How to work with Hangouts”


Safely share pages with internal and external users with just one click.

You can indicate what content can be shared with whom.


See the usages per course and instruction per day, all visualized in beautiful charts.

Build Learning Paths and assign users to them.

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Learnworks helps you share knowledge

Learnworks helps your employees to build content, share knowledge and help each other.
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Let your employees share knowledge and train each other.

  • People have skills
  • Learning is not “fun”, it is hard work
  • But Education Permanente ( continuing education) it is needed in a corporate environment

We build the best tools and services to support you in your journey.

Building content should be as easy as it can be. And now it is. All your users can now build content. Not just the “Authors” or “Teachers”. Everyone.

Just combine some material.

Use some earlier made material, give it the uniform look-and-feel, and use it in your Instruction or Training.

Just simply share via email. Users are invited and get a link that is valid for 30 days.