Blended Learning with Learnworks

Blended learning is a type of educational approach that combines e-learning materials and face-to-face training. Also, face-to-face learning can be done remotely. This method of teaching prevailed with the development in technology and especially with the ongoing pandemic. Businesses and large companies have switched to this mode of employee training due to the convenience it… Continue reading Blended Learning with Learnworks

Start With Pre-built Content

Are you looking for easy ways on how to build your own courses online? Learnworks is the platform that helps you solve this dilemma. If you do not have enough budget in your wallet to invest in customized courses, then you can start with using our pre-built content. A pre-built content is less costly compared… Continue reading Start With Pre-built Content

Customized Content: Create Your Own Url, Email, Certificates, and Colors

Learnworks offer a creative and more personalized space for launching your own customized course. Even if you craft your course on our platform, you will still have the privilege of creating your own email, URL, and certificates that are completely based on the name of your website or company. Create your own URL and EMAIL… Continue reading Customized Content: Create Your Own Url, Email, Certificates, and Colors

Power of Forums in Courses

Even before technology has been used as a formal teaching method, forums have always been used to improve the run of the education system. In today’s time, various ways to conduct a platform have been implemented. This could be done online through a video conference, commenting and making discussions on designated sections of a website,… Continue reading Power of Forums in Courses