Studies have shown that learners must be exposed to an attractive and easy-to-digest visual for learners to become more engaged with the lesson. In the 21st century, more teaching methods that involve technology have emerged and are taking over the education system. Learnworks as an eLearning platform also applies these teaching methods to all of its courses to better reach the minds of its learners. We use videos and text combinations when presenting the lessons to your employees. Why do we do this, and what cognitive abilities can this develop?

1. Engages the learners in the learning process
Videos that are visually entertaining help keep the viewers’ attention longer than just manually reading a text. However, some students learn through reading alone. Here at Learnworks, we decided to integrate text and videos in one lesson material so learners can watch what is meant by each lesson and read the gist of its content. This is a learning strategy working on for many employees, especially those who do not have much time to watch an entire video or read a whole text separately. This boosts their motivation and willingness to be more engaged with what they are learning.

2. This learning material is well-maintainable
Due to its simple nature, a combination of videos and text can easily be maintained by the platform’s management. Our content writers and video editors can work together to produce high-quality outputs for the learners at the best time. This means that we do not need to create an entire book to explain the lesson. We get the most important parts of the texts and combine them with a short but well-explained video.

3. We offer full a full-text search.
Our more advanced way to search databases will provide users a quicker way to find terms or words. This allows users to spot phrases and words without manually looking between rows and columns of an article or web page. This provides real value to users, especially when it comes to effectiveness and efficiency.

4. Text is quicker to absorb
When provided with video or visual support, the text becomes quicker to absorb. A more digital way of providing people with information will attract their attention more. When a text is paired with moving visuals, the human mind will quickly absorb the details that allow the individual to become more emotionally and physically involved.

A learning material must be attractive and engaging rather than long and tedious. We value the energy and time that you invest in our platform, so we make sure to give you the best and highest quality of content that you need. If you have any other content ideas that you want to hear from us, please leave a comment below. We are always happy to produce new articles for you.

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