Top 5 e-learning Trends in 2021 to Watch out for!

The e-Learning industry has been growing in popularity and is taking the higher grounds ever since the pandemic took over the globe. Since companies could not go on with their face-to-face employee training, they’ve started to switch to the virtual setting. In this blog, let us unpack the top trends in the e-Learning industry to help you boost the number of opportunities that will come your way.

1. Microlearning

With e-Learning’s virtual nature, there’s a bigger chance that students would fail to focus for a longer duration. That is why it is important to implement a type of learning that would be beneficial in helping them take action against a short attention span. Supported with tons of studies, micro-learning is one of the easiest solutions to get a grip on this goal. By giving the learners bits of essential information, the rate of effectiveness and efficiency would become higher. This helps improve productivity and increase their motivation.

2.Mobile Accessible Learning

Almost everything can now be accessed through mobile devices. This is also pretty convenient in the aspect of online learning especially when the learner does not have a pc or laptop. There is a wide range of learners who belong to this case and it would be extra beneficial to extend eLearning services on their side. This makes their online training become more flexible and seamless even with the use of just a smartphone.

3.Giving the learners a more personalized learning experience

Today’s generation is much more into the world of technology. They can easily tell what’s good and what’s not about a platform, especially when it is not in line with their desired experience. Providing them with a more personalized learning experience can surely be of great help. This includes content that is friendly for mobile users, gamification, and other methods that are a perfect fit for their online learning needs. Make them feel the most of the advantage of the internet in their lives.

4.Collaborative Learning

One of the best tools that are told in every success story of a company is the power of team collaboration. That is why it is important to give the learners content that enables them to have a peer-to-peer interaction. This includes forums, file sharing, and other group works that empower the spirit of cooperation within one another. Make contents that motivate them to want to contribute for the benefit of the entire team. Skills that give rise to a business’s highs are creativity, communication skills, and persuasion skills. These are the skills that can potentially grow from planting a seed of collaboration among learners.

5.The rise of Artificial Intelligence in e-learning 

This surely is one of the biggest trends to look out for in 2021 and in the next years to come. Artificial Intelligence Tutors opens a brand new way of efficient teaching to e-Learners with the help of science and technology. They can be personal instructors that students can access at all times of the day and all days of the week. An improved way of teaching is the goal of the development of Artificial Intelligence Tutors.

Companies should pick an e-Learning platform that provides updated, current, and high-quality services. We hope that the information above can help companies choose which path to use in traveling the journey towards success.

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