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Oracle EBusiness Tax R12

In this course, you will learn how to set up, describe and use the EBusiness Tax system in Oracle eBS R12. You will learn how to set up EBusiness Tax and the Tax Recovery Rate. Also you will learn how to work with Tax Regimes and Tax Jurisdictions. Other topics are Tax Registration, Product Fiscal Classification and Taxable Basis.

Course Formats

This course is available as:

  • Instructor led training
  • e-Learning
  • Book
  • Any combination of the 3 options
  • End User
  • Implementer
  • Manager
  • The 4 P’s of EBusiness Tax
  • Product
  • Tax Status
  • Create a Tax Recovery Rate
  • Application Tax Options
  • Tax Regime
  • Tax Jurisdiction
  • Tax Determining Factors Tab
  • Taxable Basis
  • Creating A Tax Rule
  • Tax Profile
  • Configuration Owner Tax Options Tab
  • Tax Registration
  • Inventory Category Set
  • Product Fiscal Classification
  • And many more…