Oracle SQL

Oracle SQL

In this course you will learn how a Database works: the structure of SQL, how to build queries, DML, Commit and Rollback, Subqueries, Joins and Set Operations. Also you will learn how to manipulate dates, numbers and strings with standard Functions, and how to handle null-values. It also has chapters on working witj SQL*Developer and querying in Oracle eBS.


  • Starting Up with Git
  • Basics of Git123
  • Branching in Git
  • Git Server
  • Git Workflows
  • GitHub
  • Features of Git
  • Customizing Git
  • Git with Other Systems
  • Internals of Git
  • Git in Other Environments
  • Git Commands


  • Developer
  • Manager

Course Formats

This course is available as:

  • Instructor led training
  • e-Learning
  • Book
  • Any combination of the 3 options