Data Protection Officer (DPO) is an “officer” appointed in an organization whose job is to achieve & maintain compliance with GDPR, privacy laws enacted by the country under the directive of GDPR.
In this course, we will learn about: DPO – Introduction, Qualifications of a DPO and Responsibilities of a DPO. And we also explain, which organizations require a DPO and Appointment of a DPO.


  • Starting Up with Git
  • Basics of Git123
  • Branching in Git
  • Git Server
  • Git Workflows
  • GitHub
  • Features of Git
  • Customizing Git
  • Git with Other Systems
  • Internals of Git
  • Git in Other Environments
  • Git Commands


  • Anyone who has access to personal data

Course Formats

This course is available as:

  • Instructor led training
  • e-Learning
  • Book
  • Any combination of the 3 options