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We offer prebuilt courses you can customize to your needs, and we run great workshops with experienced trainers.
Based on more than 20 years of experience, we have built a broad range of courses. All courses have the same structure with clear topics and easy-to-follow demonstrations. The courses run in a SaaS solution, so we take care of everything.

Our Prebuilt Courses are based on hands-on experience.

Consultants with years of field experience explain the main topics and flows of the different Modules. Checked and verified and explained in a standard format. So, you know what to expect. Topics are explained with images and easy-to-follow texts, and demos are always short and easy to do yourself.

Oracle Stored Procedures

Oracle ADF for Forms Developers

Oracle Business Activity Monitoring

Oracle SQL

Oracle PLSQL

Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle Accounts Payables R12

Oracle Account Receivables R12

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