The business world is filled with increasing competition. That is why it is important that you have an idea and deep understanding of all the areas of running a business including cost management. Cost management is the process or method of controlling and planning the possible budget of the business or a company. It is one of the best methods that a business owner can use in order to properly manage the expenses and avoid overspending beyond the budget. Learnworks is a good training ground that can help you boost your knowledge with regard to cost management.

Course Overview:

This course teaches how to describe, set up, and use the Cost Management feature or system in Oracle eBS R12. Learnworks will also provide you with valuable information about the essential parts and processes of Cost Management. In this course, you will also be exposed to a hands-on process on how to set up Cost Management relations and the Inventory Organizations. All the important areas of cost management are covered in this course and you surely will expect a good learning outcome at the end of all modules.

This digital learning course provides so much advanced knowledge and advantage to the learners, especially that they can access this remotely. We ensure that you will gain the necessary knowledge to help widen your understanding of cost management. We understand that cost management is key to help you make the right decisions when it comes to using the budget of your business.

Expected Learning Outcomes:

Below are the learning outcomes that you will be expected to acquire at the end of the course:

● Learn how to manage cost effectively.
● Learn how to effectively utilize your business resources.
● Learn how to measure the performance of your business when it comes to budget.

Do you want to stand out from the rest of your competitors? Now you know that learning cost management is one of the keys to reach this goal. This cost management training is a must to learn to make sure that you and your employees are able to make critical decisions that produce efficient results when it comes to the business’s budget. Learn more with Learnworks. Click the sign-up button and register now.