Improve Learners Engagement with these Effective tips

It is not enough to send a boat to the sea It is also important to keep it afloat so it can successfully cross through the horizon. This concept also applies to the world of eLearning. Learners’ engagement is a key to achieving high-quality learning outcomes. Keeping the learners’ attention and investment of time is truly a challenge that lies in the hand of the eLearning professionals. In this blog, you will grasp helpful tips on how to improve learner’s engagement in the best way possible.

1. The site’s overall design must be visually appealing

Content should and will always be the main focus of eLearning companies. However, the design of the website or the online training classroom must not be a reason for the learners to become bored and uninterested in the training. So, throw excellent and visually appealing designs to help increase engagement. A clean, minimalistic, and simple visuals are the way to go. It is also a plus to hire a professional graphic designer to do this task smoothly.

2. Provide high-quality videos and learning materials

As an eLearning platform, learners rely on the digital materials that are presented to them. That is why it is equally important to provide them with high-quality visuals, learning materials, and videos. However, it is not enough to make visually appealing edits on the videos. It is also a must to invest time and effort in crafting a meaningful learning tool that the learners will love to watch and engage with. These videos must have a sharp quality, they must also be well-scripted, and should present the topics in an entertaining manner to combat the learners’ short attention spans.

3. Keep the lessons short but meaningful

According to a study conducted by the Microsoft team, the average attention span of an individual was 12 seconds. However, after 15 years, this number decreased to 8 seconds. This is one of the biggest challenges that schools and online training platforms face in a virtual setting.

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