Learnworks offer a creative and more personalized space for launching your own customized course. Even if you craft your course on our platform, you will still have the privilege of creating your own email, URL, and certificates that are completely based on the name of your website or company.

Create your own URL and EMAIL

Once you already have decided on the course and have plotted a well-structured plan about it, you can begin customizing it. The primary step of this customization would be to create your own URL and email. URL allows people to specify your course’s address inside the complex World Wide Web. Make sure that both the URL and the email reflect your own brand. It affects the rate of your SEO and it defines the brand.

Create Certificates

Learnworks allows you to create certificates for your courses. Certifications make your course more reliable and add value to it. This provides your learners with a sense of achievement at the end of the lessons. You can customize certificates according to your brand and course guidelines. This will boost the learner’s motivation to learn especially that certificates provide proof of their progress.

Customized Colors

Creating and choosing a distinct color palette for a specific course is also included in our customization services. Colors play a huge role in the effectiveness of the course and of the brand to its customers. There are a lot of color combinations that you can choose from. Make sure that the ones you choose reflect professionalism and the goals of your course.

Are you excited to add your personal touch to the courses that you want to make? Sign up now and begin the art of making online courses. Leave a comment or a message on our website and we would be happy to answer your concerns.