Learnworks Content Policy

When using Learnworks, you agree to abide by the policies mentioned in the following sections. We reserve the right to remove or delete any content that violates our Terms and Conditions, this policy, our Review Policy, and as well as our Community Standards.

In the event of constantly repeated violations, we reserve the right to suspend or else permanently delete the account (s) in question.

You can directly send a report or contact our customer care to report content that violates this policy.

These are the following content that are never allowed on Learnworks.

● Content created only for the advertisement or promotion of products or companies that are outside of Learnworks.
● Unwanted contacts, spam, hateful and racist messages, that are shared repeatedly in a disruptive way.
● Content that promotes violence, illegal activities, harassment, sexually explicit, and threatening graphics.
● Content that promotes discrimination
● Content that attempt to impersonate or copy another person, identity, account, or even representatives of Learnworks
● Content that violates the rights of another person or Learnworks rights that includes privacy and intellectual property rights.
● Content that holds and spreads other person’s confidential or private information, including a form of information that contains their specific location

The following pieces of information are policy violations that are specific to a particular type of content:

Community Center

● Content that are not relevant to the topic, does not ask any questions or does not provide knowledge in reply to questions as part of a bigger discussion.
● Trolling or the repeated manner of targeting members of the community.


Learn more about Learnworks Review Policy and how Learnworks settles review disputes.
● Reviews that are biased and contain indications of conflicts of interest extortion, and direct form of competition.
● Reviews that do not contain relevant information about their experience with Learnworks. Reviews that contain irrelevant data will be subject to removal, but only where the relevant information would not be expected to intentionally affect the decisions and experience of other Learnworks members.

Custom URLs

● Additional Learnworks content rules and guidelines apply to the creation of custom URLs. Custom URLs that are hateful, sexually explicit or threatening are not allowed.