Do you want to create a course for your employees, organization, or sell it to a bigger audience? Online courses are now becoming a huge thing in 21st-century learners because of their high-efficiency rate compared to the traditional setting. We take this opportunity to also help you create and design your own online courses from scratch.

Learnworks offers a course template designed by professional designers. Everything from the base is already made for you and all you need is a little modification of how you wish your course to be. Below is the process of how to make or build your course with Learnworks.

How to make an online course with Learnworks course template feature?

  1. Choose a course niche – a niche is a category of courses that you can choose from. An example of a niche is technology, accounting, design, etc. Pick one that will best reflect your brand.
  2. Pick a course name
  3. Determine the objective and content of your course
  4. After you have all the essential information about your course, it is now time to choose a template that perfectly suits your desired outcome. Add a little bit of creativity and make it your own.
  5. Personalize the template according to your brand and other forms of specificcs. After that, your own online course is ready for use.

This type of feature that Learnworks offers will help you reduce the amount of time and cost in making an online course. You do not have to make researches to assemble the entire course structure because we already made it for you.

Learnworks is here to make your dream course possible. Sign up now and start creating your own courses. We have everything ready for you.